Servicing Gainesville, FL Since 2016


On the crisp Friday morning of February 12, 2016, The Ebrahim family debuted Zeezenia International Market.

What was originally a market devoted to the production of halal meat, quickly evolved into the business it is today: an expansive Middle Eastern retailer. With products from Turkey, Iran, India, Russia, and Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries, the Ebrahim family promises you a refreshing experience that holds many promises for the future.

The Ebrahim family hopes to continue bringing in new customers from around Gainesville, as well as expand their line of products to include even more international countries.

Five months later, the Ebrahim family introduced Zeezenia Kitchen. A kitchen — as well as a homey seating area — makes fresh Middle Eastern dishes every day. With popular items such as falafel and hummus, along with the gourmet lamb, the Ebrahim family promises there is something for everyone. The Ebrahim family also has something for those who possess a sweet tooth: delicious baklava! There is clearly something for everyone at this intriguing market.

“I want to feed my customers the same food I feed my family” Fawzy Ebrahim, Zeezenia’s Owner, claimed. “That is why I own the store. I want to feed my family the best and I want my customers to eat the best.”

Today, the Ebrahim family grows farm fresh fruits including: lemon, peach, mulberry and pomegranate trees. Even though the Ebrahim family grows many prospecting crops, they hope to expand their line of output to include arugula, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, onions, and parsley.

“Give us a try, don’t judge us before you come,” Fawzy Ebrahim said. “You will see what makes Zeezenia International Market different and special.”

Fawzy Ebrahim runs Zeezenia International Market with the help of his family: a beautiful wife and four lively daughters. It is evident once you arrive that Zeezenia International Market thrives off the joy the Ebrahim family feel when they give back to their community.